Ren-Age – Yorkshire based Renewables Consultancy, delivering good quality, affordable Solar PV services since 2011, nationwide.

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Ren-Age are a Renewables company, offering PV advice and Design throughout the UK.

We offer complete, indemnified and affordable system design including 2 & 3D rendering of sites, system schematics, Energy yield analysis as well as back office support with regards to helping create the handover pack all to MCS audit ready standards.

We also provide simplified desktop feasibility studies to show generation predictions, ROI figures and to wow potential customers.

Our Consultancy Service was established in early 2011 and has continued to grow, adapt and learn, helping individuals and businesses alike choose the best options for their sites, whilst providing the necessary guidance to support them at every step of the process.
Our clients consist of large and small business enterprises within both the commercial and domestic sector, from installers to end customers.

Energy Management & Energy Efficiency is now more important than ever with increasing energy costs, fluctuations in supply as well as new UK government and EU legislation – Everyone knows that fossil fuels are fast becoming a limited commodity, more expensive to extract due to deeper mines or oil wells and a heavy pollutant into our atmosphere. In the current economic and environmental climate we should be using our technical capabilities to harness the raw energy provided by nature wherever possible. By simply exploiting the sun through the ‘Photovoltaic effect’ (PV), we can do just that; thereby reducing our carbon footprint on the world, cutting down our energy costs and our reliance on waning fossil fuels in the process.

We believe in maintaining an honest and personal approach in all our endeavours, and are constantly striving to provide a service to be proud of. We thrive on being able to help our customers move into the new ‘Renewable Age’ (Ren-Age) and would love to hear from you.

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