Ren-Age are a yorkshire based Renewable Energy Consultancy who deliver good quality, affordable Renewable Energy services, to our clients nationwide. 

Solar Design Centre

We provide quality, indemnified designs to installers, sales companies or end customers and offer full Grid connected and Off-Grid (standalone) Solar PV design solutions, including the best module & string layouts, system schematics, estimated energy yield and possible financial returns for your project. We also advise on the correct balance of plant based on your site’s parameters, whether roof or ground mounted and assess the chosen mounting system.

With our comprehensive knowledge of Solar Modules, Grid Tied Inverter and balance of Plant, we can design bespoke systems suitable for the location, irradiation resource and the correct integration of all components. Our designs will utilize the available space / constraints of site as well as the best performance factors.

DNO Applications

Any system over 16Amps per phase must have a G59, Grid Connection Offer from the Designated Network Operator (DNO) before any project can proceed to the installation stage. This can be a complicated and drawn out process, but by utilizing our experience and technical know how, we can submit your application, liaise with the DNO, deal with any queries and obtain the Grid Connection Offer on your behalf.

Solar Feasibility Studies

In order to make a fully informed decision on whether a Solar Project is suitable for your site, then a Feasibility Study generally needs to be undertaken (or Due Dilligence report if for investors). This process outlines the Pro’s and Cons of such a system from the sites geographic suitability, most efficient design, best / most cost effective equipment available on the market, estimated energy yield and therefore the potential financial returns. We carry out full desktop or if required, site visit studies.

General Consultancy Services

Whether you are having issues with your submitted DNO applications, looking for someone to oversee your system designs, setting up a whole new installation company, wanting to move into Solar equipment wholesale or just seeking independent, impartial advice then Ren-Age can help.

We can take away the hassle of  ‘MCS’ paper work from the installer by way of indemnified designs, Grid connections, payback and return on investment figures for clients as well as the preparation of Handover packs, leaving them able to focus on their core business of installing panels/making sales and saving them time (and money) by outsourcing their design/admin needs.


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